Creating Is Courageous

Take a moment to do a quick mindfulness exercise with me. 

Lean back in your chair, take a deep breath and imagine that everything in the room around was now a blank white slate. Now, exhale again. Then build it all back up in your mind without opening your eyes. 

See the outline of the room first like a coloring book page. Then fill in the color with as much detail as you can recall. Now open your eyes. 

The truth is, whatever scene you find yourself in is, in fact, a result of you creating your own reality. 

Remember that you’re a creator as you look ahead to next year. You create your life. So let’s get into it. 

What bold goal can you create for yourself in 2023?

Take the limitations off of your imagination and watch them subsequently dissolve in your reality.

Challenge yourself to believe so boldly that you actually start to prepare for your big, bold goal as if it’s coming soon. Think about how you can begin that preparation. Creating takes courage.

And courage requires exercising . . . just like a muscle. Flex, friends. 💪🏽


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