Have you ever showed up to an interview for a job you “needed”?

Quick question for you. Have you ever showed up to an interview for a job you “needed”? 

You know, when you convince yourself that this position or opportunity is THE make or break for you. You tell yourself the company interviewing you has to pick you in order for everything to be right in your world. You think of the interviewer as having the upper hand, the keys to a golden gate with your future on the other side. 

Guess who was selected for that position? The candidate who showed up convinced they were the answer that company needed . . . not the other way around. Even the top roles at the leading companies are not more valuable than the talent required to properly fill them. YOU are the prize. Not some position.

This is a shift in mindset that is absolutely required for success in your career. Adopt the poise of a student who worked to be at the top of their high school graduating class and got accepted into all of the top universities. There’s no desperation. 

In the same way, a world of opportunity opens up to you once you see yourself as valuable.

Now, if you’re not sure how to fundamentally position yourself as valuable to decision-makers (in the same way a student would seek well-rounded extracurricular activities as they look toward college applications) I can help you with that. The first step is to value you. Then others will follow your lead.


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