How Far Can You See?

Have you ever heard the question “What’s holding you back”?

Seems simple enough. The visual image is that you could look behind you and call out the particular boogey-man with his hands clasped around your ankle, right? “It’s him! That troll is literally holding me back.”

For some of us it’s not that simple. The more life you’ve lived the more there is to unpack when it comes to what and how you think . . . or especially WHY you think that way. So, what can you do when it’s hard to identify what is holding you back?

Try looking ahead instead. How far in your future can you easily see? Next year? Five years from now? Can you point out where it is that you want to be and describe it in detail? If you can, great!

Chances are you only need some guidance to help you create a plan for your path forward. If the road ahead feels fuzzy, however, then I can tell you EXACTLY what’s holding you back.

Fear. Fear keeps us from clearly picturing what may even be possible for us. It literally stops us dead in our tracks, like that troll. Acknowledging what scares you is a great place to start identifying what’s in the way of your progress. For example, is it fear of change OR fear of boredom from lack of change? Start to ask yourself what scares you and watch the fuzziness begin to fade.

If you know where you want to go and want help on how to get there, OR if you’re identifying what fears are keeping you from moving forward at all, you know who to call to help you with next steps.


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