Wrapping Up 2022

Not to sound sensational but 2023 is around the corner. 👀 We all want to wrap up this current year with a nice, neat bow of accomplishment. I hope you do get to top off those goals you’re close to. 

AND, I also hope you’ve already put some thought toward how you’ll be starting the upcoming Q1. If not, please start the process this week. Think not only of goals but also consider the mindset you’d like to have for success in the new year.

Identify your top 10 goals for the upcoming year, then prioritize them by quarter. The goals that land in the first quarter should be those you develop a strategy for now. 

  • What do you need to accomplish those goals?
  • What barriers do you get to eliminate?
  • OR what help should you enlist?

A key mindset shift is to not only focus on what you want to do in the next year, but who you want to be. To do that, 

  • Think of what you want to bring with you AND what you will leave behind.
  • What no longer serves you?
  • Which characteristics have you outgrown? 

Consider what you’ve learned from 2022. 

  • Where did you find yourself easily burned out? >> That’s where you get to delegate. 
  • What seemed more tedious than it should have? >> Those are areas where your systems could improve.
  •  What came naturally, felt easy or enjoyable? >> That’s where you find your professional joy and you should lean all the way in. 

Do more of that.

I’m rooting for you to soar in 2023! If you’re serious about setting yourself up for success, I’ll be taking new clients in January. Click here to join my list and get on the waitlist. (You’ll get a free gift too!)

The new year is coming whether we’re ready or not . . . so let’s make sure YOU are ready.


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