What are you most proud of?

I hope you’re doing well today. I get pretty reflective in December and this morning has been no exception. I was thinking about how excited I used to be as a kid around this time of year and that got me thinking about how exciting being a kid was in general! Do you remember? 

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to celebrate everything I did well. I mean everything. I was constantly asking someone to “watch this”, “look at me” or “see what I can do”. Sounds like a lot of kids, right? When did we lose that? 

I think somewhere along the way older kids tell us it’s cooler to be less impressed. Adults stop cheering for us as loudly the more our cuteness wears off. We learn, subconsciously, that celebrating small wins is perceived as childish. It’s time we challenge that. Let’s reclaim our passion for achievements of all kinds and all sizes. 

So this week I’m encouraging you to really do a victory lap for your achievements and your growth. You’re here at the end of a wild 2022. You deserve an applause! 👏🏼 

What have you accomplished this year that you can be proud of? Think about it AND then put genuine effort into celebrating yourself. Decide how you will build celebration back into your routine in bigger ways for the upcoming year. Demand, like the childhood version of yourself, that the world watches what you can do.


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